Missing In Action Pt 1.

I wrote this title and it threw me down memory lane, back in the 90’s. As a youngboy, I had developed a passion for movies. Technology had just grown a notch higher and black tv boxes were getting replaced with humped and bigger coloured screens that could be fitted with VCR players (Video Cassette Recorder), this made watching movies more exiting – seeing coloured pictures was more realistic and appealing to the eyes.

Now, back in the village … those days… electricity was only available at the market centres. So, those who could afford, bought the machines and rented rooms where villagers ( me included) paid some fee to watch a movie. One of the popular films of the time was; Missing in Action whose main star was Chuck Noris. A great movie it was.

However, what I wanted to write was about my absence for a couple of weeks due to unavoidable circumstances. I missed the beautiful WordPress family we always have here; Leslie, Don Charisma, Roxana etecetera. Wonderful people.

Lets get going, fam. Receive greetings from my humble village. Lots of farm preparations for the coming rains. It’s still dusty and sunny for now.


5 thoughts on “Missing In Action Pt 1.

  1. swo8

    Welcome back Mr. Jagweng,
    You were missed. The weather there must be pretty decent compared to here. We are having some very cold weather and just a little to the south of us, in the US, they are having a major snow storm of the century. I have a few new videos that you might enjoy so check out my web site, and I hope you like them.


    1. jagweng Post author

      Been held down with some personal commitments and I must confess I miss this fam. Plus I discovered my new Windows Phone doesn’t support WordPress App. I’m a sad man but I’m trying to get back to Android. The temps here is the opposite of what you have there.Hitting 32degrees on the high and 14 on the low. Dusty too. It’s a pleasure hearing from you.


      1. swo8

        We just had another snow storm through the night. People are advised to stay home if possible. The roads are very dangerous. We have a lot of snow to shovel. You temperatures sound very nice about now.


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