Don’t Give Up Yet!


Giving up. Does this ring a bell somewhere in the corners of your mind? It surely does, right? Anyone who has been on a journey to achieve any set goal or just a random task, has, in one way or the other, found themselves battling with this state of mind. I call it a state of mind because it’s not factual or a universal reaction to  any challenge. We deliberately put ourselves in this state.

Why deliberate? Because we have other options but we tend to go with surrender. It’s easy, less demanding and quick. We always want to get the shortest way out of a challenge, but most often than not we give up too soon. We raise the white flag when victory is just a step ahead. If only we could hang on just a little longer, achievement could be small a hustle. Throwing in the towel would surely seize to exist in our minds and we wouldn’t have to always settle for less. Our perception of challenges as obstacles contributes a great deal to our not wanting to try or push on just a little longer and further. Causing us to premature quitters.

I do believe that if we, for once, look at challenges or problems as a rejuvenation stage or point then nothing would block our way to success. When we get to this stage, we ought to pause just fair enough to acquire the right energy to see us through the challenge without it sucking the strength left in us. We could also use this moment to gauge our determination towards a given. Are we the type to set out for a journey and turn back when we are only a mile away? Do we have self motivation? The kind of motivation that would see us brave any storm that hurls itself on maliciously on our way to success.

If we are setting out on a journey to achieve any given goal, I recommend we burn down bridges behind us to ensure we never can retreat. When the mind is tuned to believe in no reverse gear, it will, somewhat magically, make success the only option and achieve it, effortlessly. Keep walking…

Posted by Mr. Jagweng


6 thoughts on “Don’t Give Up Yet!

  1. boogie53

    I don’t believe in burning bridges. I also believe we may stop or hesitate whilst moving forward but we can never go back/retreat. With each new piece of information we take on board we irrevocably progress.

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  2. idiotwriter

    I have been waiting all day for a chance to come back her to and say something worth saying rather than just ‘liking’ your words here…but I can only find to say that your outlook is splendid and encouraging. πŸ™‚ It is good to reflect on the past AT TIMES – to recall lessons learned… but change lays in the present and affects the future… and all we can do is what we feel we must in that given space in time. Make our plans as best we can – and implement them as and when we can…the rest…is not up to us. I think sometimes we THINK we want to give up and it makes us STOP and THINK further and deeper and gain a different perspective… but to completely give up is a big step… and the reasons HAVE to be VERY well considered…sometimes it is a case of simply setting something aside rather then throwing it away, and WAITING – patiently! Until the next move is understood. Always when we understand why we do things it is more motivating to do them because if we can know the why then we are often led to the how… I THINK!! hehehe πŸ˜‰

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  3. jagweng Post author

    Beautifully put. Momental pause I could say. Thanks for the add :-D. I’m glad you finally got time out of your schedule to write something. I’m humbled πŸ˜‰



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