Lessons From The Sun.


The sun setting ... took this in the evening at 1836hrs E. A. T

The sun is known by almost every human being, either through vision or just feeling. We certainly don’t need only eyes to know the sun exists – the blind can also feel the generous sun rays hit their skin, a sign of a new bright day. πŸ˜€

Since my birth I have always seen the sun. Watched it rise and set with the same determination. The rains come and go but beyond the clouds, it is always there trying it’s best to give us light. The persistent nature of the sun is unrivalled. Today evening as I walked home from work, I looked up at the sun as it humbly sunk to the west end of my village, leaving its beautiful burnt orange rays to wash my fatigue.

One thought occupied my mind! How many times do we give up when our efforts are not recognised? What lesson then, can we learn from the sun? I say; determination, perseverance, persistence, humility and aggressiveness. It’s the combination of these strengths that enables it to give us light even in the gloomiest of weathers. If we borrowed these traits, we would make the weirdest of dreams come true.

We can learn a lot from the environment, get inspired and achieve immense SUCCESS – if we use our senses constructively. So let’s grab it. πŸ˜€

Posted by Mr. Jagweng


12 thoughts on “Lessons From The Sun.

  1. swo8

    Thank you for that Mr. Jagweng, I never thought of the sun that way. We are are having some very cold weather, here in Canada and the sun was out for awhile today and it did feel so bad.



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