A Gift: “Pick Up That Brush And Paint”

Don Charisma

There’s writers and then there’s writers. I don’t know what the factors are between an awesomely talented writer and one who can barely string a legible sentence together. What I do know is when I read the words someone writes and I immediately connect with them – I love the smooth pace of what’s being said. jagweng is one such guy I’m sure has a future as a writer 😀


This is the forth in my “Team Charisma World People” guest blogger series. jagweng’s worked together with me to produce a lovely piece of motivational and inspirational creative writing. He has a very expressive way with words, that to me is almost poetic, whilst not going all esoteric or haiku.

jagweng arrived in my comments one day. What a joy actually to communicate with him, he’s eloquent, polite, well mannered, seems to have grammar and spelling off to a “T”…

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