First Page 2015


My village just waking up...took it this morning.

As I do away with the previous year’s calendar, I rejoice. Reason being, most of the goals I set out at the beginning of the year were effortlessly accomplished except one – releasing my first song(I write and sing, for your information). It is the only resolution that outflowed to this year.

It’s a very beautiful, calm and sunny morning here in the village. Birds chirping and cocks crowing, albeit with increased enthusiasm. Trees swaying reluctantly, probably prophesying that this year would be more relaxed and promising. How I love it that way!

All this I see standing outside my hut, the sweet rays of the sun caressing my dark skin. Feeling a sense of excitement engulf me. The kind of feeling you get when you are about to be handed your month’s pay check after eking through the month. I feel so alive like never before and my senses so awake.

I received hundreds of New Year wishes as late as 0600hrs E.A.T, mostly from people I last heard from when we were ushering in 2014 😀 , the next time I will hear from them would be end of this year or in between, should they have a problem and need someone to talk to.

Maybe I should have done a course in Counselling, don’t you think so? I never understand why most of my friends come to me for advice or just to pour their hearts out. But I love it, I love talking and I love listening even more. I learn a lot from people I interact with, maybe more than they learn from me. It’s my secret. 😛

Let’s have nothing but fun and more fun this year. Don’t spend time worrying. But if you have to, do some positive or creative worrying, one that will add value to your wellbeing than drain you.

Most people have never learned that the main aims of life is to enjoy it!    … Samuel Butler

Posted by Mr. Jagweng


22 thoughts on “First Page 2015

  1. idiotwriter

    Your village looks so beautiful Jagweng… may I ask where your Simba is? (or near?) Your ways are so familiar to me – they make me feel at home again. I thank you for that.



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