Enjoy Every Day Of Your Life.

This morning as I walked towards the main house from my simba ( a house built for a boy who has come of age, in a traditional homestead), I meet my 4yr old niece picking up some toys she had dropped the previous evening. She’s always fond of me. And on seeing me, comes running with her arms open, an indication she wants a lift. As usual, I lift her up and then put her back down. She wants more but I’m running late, so I dodge her. Determined to get it, she starts chasing after me – round in circles … it turns out this is even more fun. Sensing she wasn’t going to let go, I got out a coin and handed it out to her. Thankfully, she finally let go.

As I walked towards the main house, I noticed mom and my younger sister standing by the door smiling at me. From the look on their faces it was obvious they had been watching me all along. To distract them, I started making faces but couldn’t stop. I still couldn’t figure out why they were looking at me…

“Why are you always happy like that? ” my sister asked when I finally got to the door.

“How do you mean?” I enquired, her question was rather plain to me.

“I mean, we watch you every day from work, before you go to bed and when you wake up – you are are always in a jovial mood!” she explained.

Now, this question got me thinking; why should one wake up looking so lugubrious on a beautiful sunlit morning! What is the point of living if you can’t be happy? The happiness we deeply desire lies within us and it is of our own making. I try my best to keep entertained and not worry about things I have no control over. We could always find a way of being greatful for the simple things in life – good health, family, friends and having all our members intact.

I once read a gem of a book, titled ‘Less Stress by Dr. Julian Melgosa’ and I must admit it’s an eye-opener. It’s a book I would recommend any day to any one going through some kind of stress or anyone interested in just getting their emotional and psychologically life in balance.

Live life. Love life and have fun. Being uptight is a waste of the person you are. If you have one reason to be sad, remind yourself that you always have  over ten reasons to smile. So, glide into 2015 a different person full of life.

Posted by Mr. Jagweng


12 thoughts on “Enjoy Every Day Of Your Life.

  1. Pam

    Live, laugh , love!! That’s my list for 2015. I got a good feeling about it. Great read. I’m gonna look up that book in the meantime. ..



  2. shawn

    I agree whole heartedly! One can choose to be happy or not! I prefer happiness. If one leans toward the unhappy choice, perhaps the more common one, then eventually, one becomes happy with nothing. I do not want to end up that way.
    Choose to have an #AWEsome New Year and beyond!


  3. TradeRoutz livingStyle

    What a fantastic message! and I love love the fact that you just ARE so happy! Your story is an inspiration to me. Thanks for the follow jagweng, I’m following you back! have a lovely happy day πŸ™‚



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