What Is Ailing Our Country, Kenya?


Kenyan Flag. Source : Internet

I have every reason to believe that our Country is critically ill, suffering from some contagious ailments that we are yet to find the right diagnosis, leave alone the possible cure. We are at delicate balance over a cliff being eroded from under. Kenya is in the I. C. U (Intensive Care Unit) and we are watching from a glass. We are helpless and hope seems to dim by each sunrise. No doctor inside to attend to our ailing nation. The pulse monitor beeping and our fingers crossed. Everyone is uptight, we blaming one another and it only gets worse…

I woke up today in a very foul mood. Sick and tired of almost everything that has been going on in this country, a country I’m supposed to be proud of. Do I really have a reason to? No, I can’t find any at this moment! Unless I’m sick in the brain, or I have a sick sense of humour. Pretend that everything is okay, when the truth of the matter is, we are a million miles away from being okay.

Just a few weeks ago, we had to agonise over the massive killing of the very police officers who are supposed to ensure our safety. Just the other day, about 28 innocent Kenyans were
massacred by Al Shabaab – a group we had been assured by the government had almost been wiped out. Who is fooling who? Shamefully, the government brings out some photos of an  operation allegedly carried out over two years ago, trying to hoodwink its citizens that they had just carried out a retaliatory attack and killed hundreds of the insurgent group’s militants. Please spare us, we are not fools, for how long is the government going to play Russian Roulette with the life of its own citizens.

I will come back to that issue some other day…

Now what irked me this morning is the continued abuse, harassment, and sexual molestation of our women before our very eyes. Some testosterone filled idiots somewhere, in the name of touts started out some sick game … so wasted in drug abuse that they never have energy to quench their sexual desires … in the guise of bringing ‘sanity’ back to the society, sanity they don’t even have the audacity to speak of. It’s only a fool with an indecent mind who will look at lady and talk of indecent dressing. How do you even take your filthy fingers and lay it on a lady or woman? How?… I just don’t get it! That lady could be your sister, someone’s mother or daughter! 

It beats logic how someone with a wedding ring could publicly, sexually molest a lady. How then do you relate with your wife or daughter back home? It speaks volumes! Anyone who has any respect for their mothers, sisters, daughters or even wife, would never disrespect a woman/lady in public.

Touts! What are they touting for? Tired of having an orgy with the rusty buses, now they can’t handle their itchy fingers with drug abuse, they want more. Mr. Itchy Fingers!  Mr. Indecent Dressed Mind! I think the only way of bringing sanity to the society is by ridding the public of Mr. Itchy Fingers.

Each day I wake up hoping for a better day, but the circulating graphic videos of Mr. Itchy Fingers defiling our women in broad daylight, with an even more foolish crowd watching and cheering on, is always disheartening. Have we lost moral values as a country? Have we developed a cold heart like the government? This violation of our women’s dignity has been spreading and the notorious Mr. Itchy Fingers seems to be enjoying every moment of it. The government is sitting pretty giving lip-services. What seems to be going on in this country for heavens sake! Have we totally lost it?

Now, there’s this other guy, the camera man! It happens that in almost all this incidences, there’s always an avid camera man. Never wanting to miss a scene of all this horrible act. Is he any different from this touts? Why would you take the trouble to capture someone old enough to be your mother being stripped naked!

Moreover, there are always two or more police officers patrolling around towns or crowded places. How come I haven’t seen any intervention in most of this cases? Or does it mean sexual molestation isn’t considered a crime. Is it not tantamount to defilement or rape in disguise. Don’t we have any respect for our women any more? What respect is there for a country that lets her women be stripped naked in public? If we can’t ensure respect and security for our women, how then do we expect to protect our country from terrorist attacks?

Before this thugs are put back to where they belong, I want to have a word with the ladies. I know you are hurting so much and I’m hurting too, in fact, I’m embarrassed. You know how the government can so impotent most of the time and counting on it to be on your case is a waste of time. What you got to do is watch what you dress whenever you are going anywhere close to Mr. Itchy Fingers. You can still look sexy in some trendy Maxi dress, trousers or any trendy dresses that are not above the knee, please let them be below the knee. Another thing, don’t be fooled by this “My Dress, My Choice” slogan, it only works for those who live in the leafy suburbs because most people in those areas are not losers, they’re learned people who are socially and psychologically stable. There you won’t find touts shouting at the top of their voices. So be weary, you know where you come from.

Most importantly, avoid this crowded low-life places whenever you can , though I know it’s not possible.

Lastly, I would like to apologise to every female out there who is traumatised by this sad incidences. We have let you down in a big way.

Posted by Mr. Jagweng


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