“I’m Still Looking For Carooo…. Ehba….!”

Does that title line sound familiar to your ears? No!

How about…

“Caro your body necessary…ah necessary
Caro carry leave story….ah leave story
Caro dey make my head dey turn
Caro dey make me wan dey lose am
Caro dey make my head dey bang
Caro dey make my head dey scatter
Caro your body necessary…necessary… ”


I found Wizkid and Caro on the Internet, hehe

Hope we are now getting somewhere, right? Now, this song was an anthem some months ago … a song by Nigerian singing sensation, Wizkid. I loved this song like crazy. Today I was bored at work and started scrolling through my playlist and found this gem tucked somewhere in the list and decided to play it. When it was done, someone rang in my mind; Madam Caro, my High School class teacher.

Now, when I joined Mobimba in 2006, in Form three yellow, she was the class teacher and our English teacher. As has been the history, I have always clicked with my English teachers, maybe due to my love for the whiteman’s language.

Madam Caro, by all means wasn’t that attractive, but thankfully God never entirely forgotten her. She had them, the right cap-size, they were not so big but not small either, she never had to spend hundreds of thousands to have them pimped up. Whenever she stepped into the classroom, boys had their eyes fixed on them. You know how boys in boarding school can be. I know others were busy touching and squeezing them somewhere in the minds. I’m talking about her double D’s,her  boobs. Don’t pretend you never looked at them.


An attempt by Alex Odhiambo aka Aleky, to create an Alumni logo. Good work bro.

I can say with utmost certainty, that it’s this that also made one of the teachers fall madly in love with her. I’m talking about none other than Mr. Sewe. Call it staff love, or teacher-teacher relationship. But it brewed, it got deep and deeper. No student dared make a move on her. That was a no go zone. Some Form Fours teased me with the name ‘Bwana wa Caro!”, but seriously how could I? Hehe!

In class she had a group of boys she always had squabbles with; James Risk(Jagweng) , Brian Zirra(aka Manyake), Jacob Oyeyo, Julius(Ajuli Pocha) etcetera.

“Brian you are very thick!” she blurted out one day in class. A comment that drove Bayo wild with rage, haha!

She always talked in a slobby-sluggish manner, and she always with no doubt felt so sweet about herself. Pimples in her face but still she was one of the best teachers we ever had, maybe it’s because of the way she handled me with respect, or in the gracious way with which she called out my name, “AN-TONY!”


The two years went so fast. But everything comes to pass, what doesn’t fade is the memories. They are stored deep in the core. Seven years down the line and I still miss everyone and everything.

I got wind that Madam Caro and Mr. Sewe had since tied the knot around 2008 or 2009. I hope you are not heartbroken guys. She is gone for Good. Even Wizkid is looking for her, you ain’t alone buddy. Stay strong.

Posted by Mr. Jagweng


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