Boiled Raw Mangoes Kills Four In A Family And Leaves Mother Hospitalised!


Raw mangoes, Picture courtesy of Google

Still on Kej Oginga… As I told you, I can never forget it’s memories and pangs. It bit like a rattle snake and stung more than a bee.

The old men said it was in mourning of Jaramogi Oginga Odinga. When a great man dies, the world mourns; the solar eclipse, heavy downpour, hunger and famine, name it.

Seven years of age and going without food, decent food, for weeks that turned into months was something even an infant could remember.

How many times have you gone without lunch? Maybe once but you always make a big fuss of it. You miss it probably because you were held up, not because there is no hope of it.

A number of times you have watched on National Television, how people go without food for days, even weeks. People turn to wild fruits, fruits they never dreamt they could ingest. Only toddlers attempted to eat them out of ignorance but they ended up being flogged and with stern warning never to touch such fruits. When hunger comes, it comes in hard. Ruthless. Merciless and vigorous. No water, no food. Animals die and there’s nothing more to eat. Children wail to the helpless mothers until there’s no more strength or life left in them. Life mocks them. The poisonous wild fruits becomes the only alternative, and sadly they are scarce too.

A big irony exists!

Back in the cities people are making merry. There’s plenty to eat and dispose off for the garbage man. Parliamentary representatives are busy fighting for pay hikes, to probably entertain naive college girls and sponsor luxury trips and shopping sprees to Dubai or South Africa. To hell with the hunger striken electorates.

Mheshimiwa is a busy man, he needs to visit his son who studies in the USA. His mpango wa kando needs to move house and requires a new car too. His Range Rover sports just broke down and he can’t travel to the village yet, because his P. A is late chartering a helicopter for him. He is having a press briefing concerning hunger killing his constituents, he just saw it in the news, and he needs to castigate the government on it’s failure to assure food security to it’s citizens. Maybe a perfect moment to ask Mr. President to step down…

Sorry I got carried away. That’s for another day.

As I was saying, Kej Oginga wasn’t a joke either. Lucky enough we had mangoes fruiting at the time, it made things more bearable. However, eating lots of raw mangoes wasn’t a walk in the park too, as you had to deal with constipation. Passing stool would become such an uphill task. Kids suffered a great deal as most would go out gathering the fruits armed with salt, eat and come back home to play. Later they would be in agony when visiting the latrines, they literally cried…

Keen to reduce the constipating effect of the raw mangoes, Nyaloka came up with a bright idea(atleast that’s what she thought it was) and decided she would be chopping up the mangoes and boiling them with a little salt. Nyaloka was a mother of four children but her husband had since died.

On this fateful day, she sent out her kids to go and gather the fruits that she would prepare for their lunch. She didn’t know what lay ahead, she just wanted the best for her kids. She was tired of their wailing each time they visited the grass thatched pit latrine. The kids were exited, eager to taste the new delicacy. With the help of the kids, she chopped and cooked her brilliant recipe. It didn’t taste bad after all, she felt she had made a breakthrough…

Minutes later…

One by one, the kids started complaining of stomachache; and she first dismissed it but it got worse with every minute. They were diarrhoeaing and foaming in the mouth. She also felt a sharp pain in her tummy and screamed for help. On arriving at the local health facility, the kids were pronounced dead. Luckily, she lived to tell the painful story … a story that breaks her down to tears twenty years later eventhough she remarried and has three kids…

Kej Oginga did it all.

Posted by Mr. Jagweng


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