Foreign Crash!!

This is not about a plane crash in the Amazon jungle or maybe in the Pacific, because I have no authority to speak about aeroplanes, I’ve never gotten close to that thing so if I pretend to talk about its crashing leave alone touching it, it would be a crime… I can only talk of affairs of the heart! Yes that one!

I have a feeling that I don’t even know what ‘Foreign Crash’ really means, but I do know what I want to talk about … just follow this story and maybe you’ll tell me if I have a hint on its meaning!


This is a plane crash.

Where was I headed?

Saturday morning, a bright day it is, clear sky so hopefully no rains to be expected. I love my Saturdays like this, clear bright sky with no signs of rain.

I’m not going to the shop today, I just gave myself an off, money can wait!

A friend of mine,John, who works at some children’s home not far from my village, had invited me to the home’s fun day. A moment to share a smile with children, young orphaned children, is not something I could miss for anything in the world. Being a child and not having a clue of parental love, is a psychological torture, they didn’t bargain for this but still they found themselves all alone, alone in this cruel world…

It’s humbling we still got people who got some compassion in their hearts, they make a difference… People who care about others, such people melt my heart. This is my moment to give them something,share some love, to make them smile. DON’T UNDER ESTIMATE THE POWER OF A SMILE!!!

It’s going to be a playful moment with the kids so I’m keeping it simple on dressing, black T-shirt, beige khaki pants and black Ankara shoes.

The home was about 5miles away, along the tarmac road, so I took a shuttle bus…

It is 10:35am when I arrive at the home and is met by John at the gate…

“Thanks for coming man!” He says,hugging me…

“Come on, you know I can’t miss this bro, ” I respond, my eyes scanning the compound.

It wasn’t such a big home but it was descent. With the help of well wishers and sponsors, the management had put up a. standard dormitory, classes and an office. The drive way from the gate had been gravelled, with flowers planted on either side of the drive towards the office that faced the main gate, classes on either sides of the office. Right of the drive there was a small field with a dormitory next to the hedge, left of the drive was a more larger field set with bouncing castles and swings. Kids were not on site. I spot a pavilion set at the end of it next to the classes, and some guests were already sitted…

Sorry, where was I…

My friend walks me to the pavilion, informing me that most guests from the city were just about to arrive, most of them being sponsors. We get to the pavilion and sit down, discussing the welfare of the kids. The pavilion soon is filling up, the guests had arrived. I spot a dozen whites who my friend inform me have sponsored a most of the kids. So kind of them.

One of them caught my attention though, she was slightly above five feet tall, doll eyes and she wore this infectious bright smile, her black shiny hair dangling on her shoulders and she would tilt her head from time to time to get them off her face. She had on a black and white vest top, a black skirt, (and oh my, she got legs, she adorned them with some nice pair of black sandals) , simply dressed but she looked like a goddess!


Do you seem so resemblance with my Pam?

Soon the programme begins and the director steps forward to invite the guests, he was giving a report on the status of the kids, who by now I could see playing on the field in front of their dormitory. Through all the speech, my eyes would dart across to where this goddess was sitted, she sat a row behind. At one point she caught me but just smiled, I was so embarrassed! I can’t tell why I kept checking her out, maybe it was the smile, the eyes, I don’t know but still I looked, the more I looked the more I got caught… It was now a game and she was loving it.

The director was through. It was time for fun!!!

My friend excused himself as he had some issues to attend to in the office. I stand and move a short distance towards the bouncing castles, music blaring from the speakers in the pavilion. I felt like grooving to the beat!

I had lost site of the goddess!!!

I felt someone tap me over the shoulder, so I turned around dancing with the hope it was my boy… Jesus!! It was her.

“Hi, I’m Pam! ” She says, stretching out her hand…

Things were moving too fast! Do you know the feeling you get when you come face to face with the bully you have been making fun of? Like you want to shit your pants or just do some abra cadabra magic and disappear! You know it right? I was shaking, I had no strength to lift my hand and greet her or even open my lips, I just stood there motionless like a mannequin.

Her eyes were sparkling bluishgreen and her smile so bright, she was torturing me, but why? Will I make it through this ordeal alive? I wondered! I WAS GETTING CRASHED!!! I think she realised I was dying inside because she drew back her hand and stopped smiling, this gave me relief…

“Hey, come on!” She says with a giggle…

She gets out her phone from a black clutch bag that she is carrying on her left hand and takes a few snaps of me… I manage to get my composure and introduce myself to her.

She is a Canadian, as I later learn, about 30yrs of age but she looks 25 to me, she also informs me that she has two kids in the home she is sponsoring…

Kids are already all over us, some getting on the bouncing castles. She requests me to help her look for the two kids, Joy and Randy, as she informed me. The home has about 120 kids so we find them without a hustle. Two sweet little kids, Randy, a boy is 8yrs of age and Joy, a girl of 6yrs. She has such a connection with them, a sign she comes to visit them from time to time as she later confirms.

Time is flying past steadily, at around 2 pm, we are assembled for some meal. She has an obsession though, her phone! Most of the time she was either scrolling through it or taking pictures. But she is one great company, much fun to hang around with.

After the meal, she excused herself to leave for the city as she has plans of flying back home the next day. A sad moment to say goodbye…

Since Akello left, I built a strong armour around me, but the foreign lady just CRASHED IT AND LEFT ME VULNERABLE!!! No one has ever done that!

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