“She Was HIV Positive!!”

Remember those moments you ever went to the market to buy oranges? Big sweet juicy oranges? Yeah, you got to the market and got the oranges, they look big, sweet and juicy, just how you love them, but when you reach home you realise they are big, dry and flat. You feel cheated, you curse the seller and shun the oranges, you swear not to buy from the seller, ever!

It happened to Mike. He bit more than he could chew!!

You recall Mike right? My right hand man, mtu wa mkono. He took me to my unsuccessful mission to Akello…

On this day, I had been at Mike’s place, and when night fell he decided to walk me back to my hut.

It was 9 p.m…

On our way, we meet Atis and a female friend headed for a disco matanga. Atis is one of my admirers, she has often confessed her undying love for me. She was a bit slender, the opposite of Akello, not so shapely but average… I couldn’t give her my heart, it belongs to Akello.

Back to her friend…

“Hi, Tony, this is my friend Sue.” Atis quickly introduced her…

“Nice to meet you!” Sue quickly responded stretching out her hand, she was a little clumsy.

I also introduced Mike, who all the while was busy scanning Sue’s features, it was full moon so her features were vividly visible. She was dark, oval shaped face and her hair plaited, she smelt like she had bathed in some walalo perfume, she was kinda plumpy and bulky, not my type!

From the look in Mike’s eyes, he was smitten, he wanted more of her. His eyes were fixed around her cleavage, inside his mind I’m sure he had been undressing her, it was pure lust! He was startled for a moment when I tapped him, confirming my fears.

Atis pleaded with us to accompany them to the disco but since I’m no fan, I let them go with Mike who was already too willing, you know why!

We parted ways and I proceeded to my hut…

Next day at around 2 pm, Mike came to my place unusually happy, his smile gave him away! Mike was in love, deeply in love with a stranger, that made me uncomfortable… This wasn’t the Mike I knew…

“This is it!” He stated with excitement. “She is the girl I’ve always wanted.” expressions in his eyes so intense.

She was no longer ‘Sue’, he now referred to her as ‘Wife’… At this point I knew he had totally lost it.

‘Is he under some charm!’ I wondered, felt like he had been enchanted.

He informs me that wife had accepted to spend at his place that night so it was my turn for mtu wa mkono!

It is 8 pm when we set off for the mission…

None of us knew the exact home so we decided to pass by Atis’s place so that she could show us the direction or better still, walk us there. Atis is about to go to bed when we get to her, and only offers to give us the direction…

It’s a bright night so finding our way wasn’t much of a hustle add soon we were at her place. She was alone at home so we got in and found her already set.

She locks the door behind her and we are soon on our way, mission accomplished.

I had to give them space, so I walk a little distance behind them…

“Hey, Tony wait!” a voice calls when I pass by Atis’s gate… It was Atis.

” Wapi akina Sue? ” She enquiries impatiently.

I inform her that they are already headed to Mike’s place…

“Ghai, hukuniambia Sue anenda kulala kwa Mike!” She exclaimed sounding worried.

” Kwani ni mbaya? ” I ask.

” Pliz, kama unapenda beste yako, ” She advised. ” enda umstopishe coz Sue yuko positive! ”

I thought she was kidding and just brushed it off as a sick joke…

She was serious!!!

Realising how reluctant I was, she took off towards the direction Mike had gone, I had to rescue my friend, I shot off past her and caught up with Mike who was now a short distance from their gate.

I pulled him aside and broke to him the bad news.

Sue was HIV positive!

When the words came out, Mike almost collapsed and I really had a tough time calming him down. He was shaking…

It was not easy convincing him to proceed with Sue but thankfully it bore fruit. We didn’t want Sue to realise that her best friend had betrayed her.

He had to play safe.

AIDS is real man, be on the lookout, you never know! Get tested! Use protection! Stay safe!


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