“She Saw Their Lips Locked…”

Love is a beautiful thing they say, problem is finding that right person to trust your heart with…

We all strive to meet the perfect match, question is are you a perfect match yourself? Certainly not… You know am not lying about this, right? I can see it in your eyes, you are thinking of the mpango wa kando now. Does your partner know? Definitely not! So what makes you feel you deserve a loyal partner?

Many people walk around with broken hearts, shattered dreams. They gave out there hearts to people they thought would protect it but ended up throwing it in the gutter, how sad!

No wonder it’s common to hear people listening to ‘Damaged by Shayne Ward’. So popular with the ladies… If you haven’t listened to it then try and ‘Google’ it.

Straight to my story…

She was a lady in love, deeply in love with her Mr. Right… Was it a sin to love with all her heart?

Atieno was just in love like any other lady would. She is a village friend of mine, perfect wife material if you ask me. A decent lady by all standards, deserving to be treated like the queen she is. At least that’s what I feel she is worth.

She had come to my shop so devastated, poor thing. She wanted to pour her heart out, the pain was too much to bear…

According to her, she had met a gentleman, the love of her life…But I knew the guy,he was a jerk, a player. I couldn’t stop her, she wouldn’t listen to me as she was blinded by love! Her parents had been warning her but she wouldn’t take it, they were not happy for her, she thought.

The relationship got so intense that she would go and visit him for weeks. They had the usual ups and downs of every relationship but this they managed to solve as any couple would.

One day, she had gone on her usual visits for over a week… She later learnt that her aunt had passed away and planned to go for the burial, she wanted to go a day early. She informed her now fiance of her intentions and expected some financial assistance but he wasn’t willing to let her go! She later decided to sneak without his consent.

He had never treated her with such indifference, this worried her so she opted to go to her friends place to explain to her what had happened. Her friend decided that they go back and talk to the fiance, which she obliged…

When they got there, she was shocked by his friendliness, he wasn’t mad at her! He gave her some cash to go and buy some soda at the nearby shop, when she came back, he requested her to go back and get beef from the butchery of which she gladly went. Her friend had remained back to reason with him.

She went straight to the kitchen to prepare a meal. She was busy in the kitchen but something drew her attention, there was silence in the living room. The kitchen was overlooking the living room and between the hinges of the kitchen door, there were spaces. She innocently scanned the living room to to find out why they had gone quiet all of a sudden…

“Tony you wouldn’t believe what I saw!” She said amid tears. “Their lips were locked together!”

She felt something burn inside her, she was sweating and shaking, the rage was consuming her. With bubbling ugali paste she was now stirring, she felt the urge to go and pour it on the two, she felt like screaming, she was going wild. After a while battling, she managed to calm down, and decided to act a fool.

She was her closest friend, the only person she could trust with her life. It made no sense to her why she did that. Has it been going on behind her back? Was she truly her once loyal friend? She got no answer!

She managed to restrain herself, finished preparing the meal, served them and left on pretense of going for a short call.

She has never set eyes on the two since the incident and she prays she never gets to. All she wants to do is forget about that incident and start a new life. She has not lost hope in love!

The pain was still fresh in her mind though, tears welled her eyes as she narrated the ordeal. The thought of her best friend and fiance KISSING was torture enough…

“Never trust with a blind eye,” she advised breaking out the silence. “not even your closest friend!”


13 thoughts on ““She Saw Their Lips Locked…”

  1. Stephen omondi

    that’s a nice one Antony atleast it will serve as a lesson for those who still trust…to me trust is not in my vocabulary..



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