‘How I Lost Her In The Night!!!’

If you ever grew up in the village like me, then you probably recall the craze about the village discos, disco matanga, you remember? I know you do, it was fun, huh?

People fought over girls, dirty village girls even primary school drop outs. But still people fought, even hacking each other to death, some lost their limbs or were left with permanent scars… I know you are now looking at the scar in your arm, it was a machete, right? Still you lost her…

I also lost her, lost her in the night!!

Don’t get me wrong though, I didn’t fight over her… I wasn’t a fan of disco matanga, it just wasn’t my thing. I loved my bed, loved my body…maybe that’s why I lost her.

Her name was Akello, she was the village queen, and she had it all… My heartbeat, my sugar pie…

Akello was slightly above 5ft tall, dark skinned, curvaceous, round faced with very white eyes, oh my, her lips, she had that perfect African behind…hope you know what I mean…she knew she had them, they swayed rhythmically whenever she walked. She was the envy of all ladies, trim waist line that was easy to hold plus she knew how to dress it and dress it well, often bringing the whole market to paralysis whenever she passed. Still, I lost her and my heart still bleeds…

Akello had gone to the city to visit her elder brother, this gave ladies and women peace as it always pained them to catch their men ogling her… But I was very sad, sad to have my heart holder away from me.

For a long time I had been her secret admirer, I was crazy about her and in my heart she was the only one. I had never mastered enough courage to approach her, I feared disappointments,but I loved her anyway and that was enough for me.

One day I was walking a long the roadside, drowning my sorrows. A few metres a head, a bus slowed down and came to a stop. I knew for sure on of the guys from the city had come visiting, I didn’t give it much attention, at least not until I saw who the passenger was…the dark sweet girl, my heart holder! My knees grew weak and my heart pumped hard and loud, it was deafening, maybe she heard it, a thin stream of cold sweat made its way through my spine… It was her, she looked like a Princess out of fairytale, a definition of beauty.

The bus sped off and she remained there standing, standing with some luggage. She looked at me and just SMILED…

“Holy Mary, why would she do this to me!!”

I felt a burning urge to run and lift her into my bonny arms, but I quickly dismissed the idea, it was stupid… We would only fall down dimming my chances of ever winning her heart…

“Hi Tony!” She finally spoke…

“Hi!” I managed to respond after swallowing saliva so hard that it made some embarrassing sound, my throat was dry…

I walked right up to her, trying to exude confidence that by now I didn’t have. On reaching, SHE HUGGED ME!! Did you hear that? AKELLO HUGGED ME! I felt a little clumsy but I didn’t want her to stop, she smelt nice, smelt like the city… I needed all the villagers to see this scene…

I wanted to pour out my heart that instant but I restrained myself… It wasn’t the right moment.

I helped her with the luggage to her home and then left…

I was so happy. I felt her arms still holding me, her perfume fresh on me. I had to get to my friend’s place in time, Mike had to feel the perfume for him to believe… AKELLO HAD HUGGED ME!

The next day evening, a young boy from Akello’s place came home, he had a note for me, a note from HER… She wanted to see me, she was going back to the city urgently tomorrow morning… For a second I thought I was dreaming. She wanted me to go to her place tonight, to her brother’s hut to pick her up, they had no dogs…no stress!

I had informed Mike of the mission and he was willing to take so when night fell, we set off at 10 O’clock as it was a short distance away from my place…

We get there and creep in through hedge and onto the back of her brother’s hut, I scan the the home for a sign of anyone who might spot us, it was all clear.

Back to business…

I get next to the window and started tapping on it gently while calling out her name, careful not to wake her parents in the main house. Mike too occasionally spilling sand on the mabati roof…

” Akello! Akello! Akello!” I called out but it was quiet inside. Was she deep asleep? I wondered.

I leaned my ears against the wooden window, but it was strangely quiet, no sign of life inside the room.

Suspecting she might have waited for so long and tried to trace me to my hut, we crept back through the hedge and hit the road. It wasn’t such a dark night.

A little distance ahead, I spot two figures…with the variation in height and size, it was a man and a lady, Akello and her boyfriend if I wasn’t wrong… I was too late!!!

How could he do this!! Why now of all times…when she wanted me! She was mine, mine alone… We belonged together.

I was devastated, he had gone too far this time. I wanted to crash him, pee on him…

All hope was gone. We parted ways with Mike and I went ahead to my hut.

I couldn’t get myself to sleep, I was burning with rage, I was a cuckolded man.

Next day in the morning, I went to her place with the hope that she hadn’t gone or maybe she had left me a note. Sadly she was gone and no one knew when she would be coming back. No note no phone number…

The wound is still fresh in my heart, and each day I walk by the roadside with the hope that she might surprise me again!!


4 thoughts on “‘How I Lost Her In The Night!!!’

  1. pam

    Poor Tony!! Although I don’t think she’s the gal for him or she wouldn’t have left… he will soon find a girl who may not be so beautiful on the outside but loyal and kind on the inside…



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