“He Locked The Door… Entered Through The Window…!!”

When the news spread throughout the village, everyone condemned him, cursed him…

It was despicable, embarrassing, backward, archaic, childish… You can use whatever word to describe it. It was something frowned upon, no man had ever done this in the village… He made history!!

Otieno was the village headline news.

“Mano kwero!” (That’s a taboo) I once overheard a woman say.

Otieno was a friend of mine, though ten years older. He had never dated, at least not since we became friends. He claimed to have taken up salvation, and to him marriage or dating was against his salvation… Often quoting a verse in the Bible that says, if there’s anything that would cause you to sin, it’s better to cut it off…

To him, marrying or dating would weaken his faith, he could not risk it!

All this changed one day early last year. He was to be appointed a church pastor, and one of the conditions was that he must have a wife… This he had no option but to comply.

To me it came as a surprise, when he informed me he had a lady already in waiting, blessed by the church. A member of the church’s choir… Talk of a shepherd eating from his flock, hehe!

Wedding day was already set and preparations in top gear!

Otieno was all smiles, he was a different man… A man in love! You could see it in his eyes that he was eager to settle down, how things change! He had now forgotten about his earlier stand, salvation was no longer a priority…

One thing worried me, he had no job! He didn’t seem to think of that. How was he going to feed and clothe his wife! Did he really know what he was getting himself into? Probably not. When one day I enquired about his financial plans, the response I got was saddening…

“Nyasaye ong’eyo!”(God knows) He had responded with a wry smile.

The wedding day came and the ceremony was successful, Otieno was now a family man, he was no longer in my league… I saw less of him. He was always seen in company of his wife, either going to the river, church or just walking to the market.

Soon trouble struck… The little supply they gotten as gifts from the wedding had run out. Otieno’s father too had offered him Kshs 10,000, as capital to start a small business but these ended up nowhere…

He would not his wife engage in any business , he did not want to lose his wife to other men… His wife wasn’t allowed to talk to her mother and sisters-in-law either, that would cause a fight… He wanted her for himself, beside him every minute. He was jealous of anyone getting closer to his wife…he meant to protect his love!

With time, the wife got fed up, he was suffocating her. At times they went without food… There grew a cold war between them, occasionally degenerating into heated quarrels. When she couldn’t take the heat she could run away…

One year into their marriage, and she had run away from him over five times but always came back…

On this fateful day, Otieno’s wife had been invited to join a three days Women Convention in their church. Otieno being a Pastor in the church, was privy to this information. But hell broke loose the day the wife was to leave for the convention… How could he let his wife out of site for three days!! That was too big a risk he wasn’t willing to take, whether it was in church or a brothel, his wife wasn’t going anywhere!!! Period!

The wife was all prepared packed to leave, it’s at this point that he told his wife that she wasn’t going to the convention… She thought it was some prank he was pulling on her! Reality dawned dawned on her when he stepped out of the house and LOCKED THE DOOR from outside…

She wasn’t taking any of these… She begun screaming and threatening to burn herself inside the house. Scared that she might make real the threat, he decided to get back into the house and calm her down, HE GOT BACK INSIDE THROUGH THE WINDOW, did you hear that? A whole man worth his balls, got inside the house through the window! I feel that is sick!!!

He managed to calm her down, at least that’s what he thought he did. She decided to let go, only for a while as you will read…

When night fell, she warmed up him water to bathe, as he went to take his bath, she remained back to prepare supper…

When he came back to the house, it was all empty!!

SHE WAS GONE! It was 8:30 p.m…

He was beaten in his own game. It’s a week now, no sign of her ever returning…


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